Bludit v3.10.0 "Mateo"

Bludit v3.10.0 "Mateo"

We are pleased to announce the release of Bludit 3.10.0. This version brings the new admin assistant which you can type and the assistant give you some suggestions about what you can do, custom fields for your pages, improve on plugins, static pages with full support of sub-pages, new functions on the API, and bug fixes!

Thanks a lot to the Patreon community with the support, it really helps to keep the project running.

Kudos to Edi for the support, maintenance of the forum and all the help he provides to Bludit.



Upgrade from Bludit v3.x to Bludit v3.10.0

Follow the steps from the documentation on the section Upgrade from the same major version

Please make a backup after the upgrade.

Photo by Bruce Hong.

The Bludit Community Team