Bludit v4 Road map

After some time without posting on the blog, I decided to show some progress of Bludit v4. I will try to update this post with some highlights in the changelog.


Release of Bludit v4.0.0 Alpha 2. Download from Github.


  • Setting for themes based on plugins, check the theme and plugin "popeye"
  • UI improvemnets for Admin panel
  • Dark mode for Admin panel
  • Dark mode for PopEye theme
  • Remove pages from the content page
  • Include cover images in RSS plugin
  • Improve HTTPs detection behind proxy
  • Comments standars based on

    Dark mode for Admin panel and PopEye theme

popeye-darkmode-bludit-v4 admin-panel-darkmode-bludit-v4



  • New default theme PopEye
  • Automatic install and configure API plugin for the admin area
  • Improved related pages function
  • Improved Login class for authentication through API
  • More changes in Bludit core for v4.0

New default theme PopEye

Screenshot-2021-04-24-at-19-58-40 Screenshot-2021-04-24-at-19-58-34 Screenshot-2021-04-24-at-19-58-50



  • Plugins settings show the description by default.
  • "Simple stats" now is "Visits Stats", and only shows visits and unique visitors, I will create new plugins to show more stats such as disk space, number of pages, etc.
  • EasyMDE updated for Bludit v4.
  • TinyMCE updated for Bludit v4.
  • Welcome message now is a plugin for the dashboard, you can disable it.
  • New branch for Documentation in English for Bludit v4,
  • Move frameworks to a proper folder /bl-kernel/vendors/
  • Theme:: helper replaced by HTML:: helper.
  • API feature, activate/deactivate plugins.
  • API feature, configure plugins throug the API.
  • API feature, upload and remove site logo.

Plugins for Dashboard

A simple way to add plugins to the dashboard and order them.





  • API feature, upload/delete profile picture
  • Included new library for manage images SimpleImages
  • Warn user before leaving web page with unsaved changes
  • Refactor as usual of Bludit's core
  • Handle errors and alerts for the user
  • Improvements in logs

You can check the commits here:

Refresh UI: User picture profile



We have new ideas for the logo.

Thank lodria, please check the post in the forum, Bludit-01a

Thanks to Claquettes Bleues, please check the following Tweet, Es-QX9rl-W8-AMv3le



  • API feature, upload files
  • API feature, get files related to a page
  • API feature, generate a friendly URL for a page
  • API feature, create/edit/delete categories
  • API feature, create/edit/delete users

Refresh UI: Editor area

  • Bootstrap v5
  • Boostrap icons
  • Editor area via AJAX, you don't need to refresh the page to save your changes

Bludit v4 - Admin panel

Refresh UI: File manager

Allow upload any kind of type of file.



I would like to do a refresh of the current logo or change it for a new one, any help is welcome!

Thank to Multicolor by Mateusz Skrzypczak for the following logo.