Bludit v3.1.0 "Malt"

Bludit v3.1.0 "Malt"

We are pleased to announce the release of Bludit 3.1.0. This version of Bludit brings improvement stability and new features.


  • New plugin Search, allow to the user to search in your site content.
  • Images per pages, this function is only available for fresh installations.
  • Welcome message in the dashboard.
  • Improves on TinyMCE editor.
  • Languages updated.
  • Bugs fixes

Read more about the changelog on Github.

Bludit PRO

We introduce an extended version of Bludit with a few extra plugins and themes to get some collaboration from the users.


Upgrade from Bludit v3.0.0 to Bludit v3.1.0

Follow the steps from the documentation on the section Upgrade from the same major version

Upgrade from Bludit v2.3.4

Thank @anaggh for providing the migration tool.

  • Take in mind the themes and plugins are not backward compatible, we are working to migrate them.
  • The below tool is EXPERIMENTAL and could produce some issue with the migration, please make a FULL BACKUP of your site before start with the upgrade.
  • Take a look at his repository for the migration steps and information:
  • If you have some question the Forum is a good place or the Chat.

The Bludit Community Team