Bludit v3.0.0 "Hops"

Bludit v3.0.0 "Hops"

We are pleased to announce the release of Bludit 3.0.0. This version of Bludit brings a massive improvement in performance, stability, and flexibility and there are of course many new features.

New features

  • Mobiles responsive, enjoy Bludit in your mobile, tablet or desktop machine.
  • Media Manager, new interfaces to manage your pictures from a single place.
  • Admin panel renewed.
  • Performance improvements for creating big sites with more than 10.000 pages.
  • TinyMCE as the default editor, you can choose more editor in the plugins section.
  • Categories support description and templates.
  • Pages support templates.
  • API plugin improvements.
  • Allow Unicode in the system, you can disable this feature.
  • Improvements for SEO
  • And more!

Bludit PRO

We introduce an extended version of Bludit with a few extra plugins and themes to get some collaboration from the users.



Play with Bludit without the need to install it. The demo is refreshing every 1 hour and the uploader for images is disabled.

The username and password for the admin panel are:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: demo123

Update from Bludit v2.3.4

Thank @anaggh for providing the migration tool.

  • Take in mind the themes and plugins are not backward compatible, we are working to migrate them.
  • The below tool is EXPERIMENTAL and could produce some issue with the migration, please make a FULL BACKUP of your site before start with the upgrade.
  • Take a look at his repository for the migration steps and information:
  • If you have some question the Forum is a good place or the Chat.

The Bludit Community Team