What's New - May 2019

This month we release Bludit v3.9.0 and we are working on Bludit v3.9.1 with some bug fixes, also we are waiting for your feedback!

What's new on Plugins

There are a lot of plugins and not less important, please visit the plugins website.

Snicker - Comment system

One of the most requested plugins was the comment system integrated with Bludit, and finally is here! Thanks to SamBrishes from pytesNET.

You can download from https://plugins.bludit.com/plugin/snicker or visit the official web page https://github.com/pytesNET/snicker

Debug bar

This small plugin and powerfull create a bottom bar with information about the files loaded, the time of load and the amount of memory used. Thanks to anaggh.

You can take a look at the developer Github page and found more plugins for Bludit.

Simple Stats Plus

This plugin is Simple stats with steroids, has more features and configuration than the current plugin. Thanks to David Blake.

What's new on Themes

This month we have some updates from Dimo and BLThemes with the themes DevTheme and Blekathlon. Also, take a look to his webpage which provides different plugins like the Wordpress Importer.