Bludit v2.0 Beta 6

Update from Bludit v1.6

  • The bellow tools is EXPERIMENTAL and could produce some problem with the migration, please make a FULL BACKUP of your site.
  • Also, Bludit v2.0 beta 6 is a BETA version, this means that it may contain errors.
  • @anaggh is working on a tool to migrate from the version 1.6 to 2.0.
  • Take a look to his repository:
  • Make a FULL BACKUP of your site, just copy all the files and directories on a new directory and if possible download to your PC.
  • Make a backup of the directory bl-content, yes I know you did a FULL BACKUP, just in case.

Update from Bludit v2.0 (beta)

  • Just replace all files with the new ones.


Help us with Translations

We need your help to create/edit/improve the different language dictionaries.

Here are the dictionaries:


There are two demos running with this new version, one is a Blog and the another one is a Website.

These demos are refreshing every 1 hour, and the uploader for images is disabled.

Demo Blog

Demo Website


You can check the changelog on Github.

Bludit Team