Bludit v3.7.0 "Bock"

Bludit v3.7.0 "Bock"

We are pleased to announce the release of Bludit 3.7.0. This version brings improves in plugins and bug fixes.

Thanks to all the people who support Bludit, developers, designers, translators, a lot of new people in the community!

NOTE: The plugin Disqus was updated, if you are using the plugin please go to the plugin's settings and click on the button save to regenerate the database.


Bludit PRO

We introduce an extended version of Bludit with a few extra plugins and themes to get some collaboration from the users.


Upgrade from Bludit v3.x to Bludit v3.6.1

Follow the steps from the documentation on the section Upgrade from the same major version

The Bludit Community Team