Bludit v2.2.1 "Pepper"

We are pleased to announce the release of Bludit 2.2.1. This version of Bludit improvement in performance, stability, and new features.

Thanks to all the users and developers who help with the project, contributors on Github and there are more in the Bludit Forum and in the Gitter Chat, thanks!


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Upgrade from Bludit v2.x.x

  • Create a full backup, copy all your files to a new directory.
  • Download the latest version and replace all the files with the new one.
  • All plugins and themes are compatible with this version but are recommended download the latest version of the plugins and themes.
  • If you have some question the Forum is a good alternative or the Chat.

Upgrade from Bludit v1.6.x

  • The bellow tool is EXPERIMENTAL and could produce some problem with the migration, please make a FULL BACKUP of your site before start with the upgrade.
  • Take a look at his repository:
  • Make a FULL BACKUP of your site, just copy all the files and directories on a new directory and if possible download it to your PC.
  • Follow the steps defined in the repository.
  • If you have some question the Forum is a good alternative or the Chat.


In addition to users bugs reports, code contributions, we also accept donations via:

All contributions help us continue development.

Bludit Team