Latest news about the world of Bludit, new releases, new plugins and themes.

Bludit v2.3 beta 1

We are pleased to announce the first beta of Bludit 2.3.

Take a look to the changelog.

New official websites

We have new websites, with a new navbar to get access more quickly to the important pages, also all websites are translated into German and Spanish. Thank Edi for the help.

Bludit website

Bludit Plugins

Bludit Themes

Bludit v2.2.1 "Pepper"

We are pleased to announce the release of Bludit 2.2.1. This version of Bludit improvement in performance, stability, and new features.

Thanks to all the users and developers who help with the project, contributors on Github and there are more in the Bludit Forum and in the Gitter Chat, thanks!


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