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Bludit v3.7.1 "Bock"

After some feedback from the users (about some bugs) in the version 3.7.0, we decide to release the version 3.7.1 because we want to provide a good quality of software. Sorry for the inconvenience of re-updating in this short time. Thanks to all t......

Bludit v3.7.0 "Bock"

We are pleased to announce the release of Bludit 3.7.0 . This version brings improves in plugins and bug fixes. Thanks to all the people who support Bludit, developers, designers, translators, a lot of new people in the community! NOTE: The p......

Domain migrator plugin

This plugin allows you to move your Bludit installation to another domain or subdomain, also allow you to migrate from HTTP to HTTPS. The plugin is for free for Patreon or you can download from the following link.

Official Docker Image v3.6.1

After the new release of Bludit v3.6.1, we would like to present the official Docker image. You can download the image from Docker Hub . Run the container in your Docker server: docker run --name bludit -p 8000:80 -d bludit/docker:3.6.1 Acc......